Thursday, 15 November 2012

Cakes: Design

I love a pretty cake because it makes it fun to eat, but once in a while you see these gorgeous or too-cute cakes and it almost pains your heart to eat it. Well am about to dish up several of such cakes so you can gosh all you want, and the next time you see such cakes in real life you can eat them with no guilt, because you my friend have paid your dues. On this post there are no titles to pictures hence no links, just beautiful cakes to gorge your eyes on.

Gender Reveal Party Cakes

so pretty.....



#wedding gown #cake // pinned by @welkerpatrick

blue ombre cake tutorial--I could probably do this!

Woah - should I one day marry my girlfriend, do you think this one would be a tad too much for a wedding cake? ;-)

Pacman cake

pretty cake

Lemon cake with meringue frosting

Reese PB cake!  YUMMY!!! ~

@KatieSheaDesign ♡♡ #Cakes ♡♡  Amazing Red Chinese Dragon Wedding Cake

Love this cake

Vintage Wedding Cake


Gorgeous red velvet

garden cake




No fondant, one color though!


Nautical Wedding Cake

Very cool paisley cake


Indian Princess Birthday Cake


cool cakes!

Hidden Butterflies Inside A Twice Baked Cake

For more fun and lovely cakes and other foods checkout this cool pinterest page...

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